Gold Coast pool construction process

Gold Coast Pool Construction

Upon completion of the design phase, documentation is prepared for building approval that meets all Gold Coast pool construction requirements outlined by the Gold Coast City Council.

During the construction phase of your pool design, we will be excavating the site ready for the construction phase including form-work, steel and concrete pouring. Experience in this area helps in knowing what to do when hitting rock or ground water, how much dirt there is likely to be and how the area can best be made safe and organised during excavation. The excavation can dislodge what can be a surprising amount of soils, which depending on requirements will be removed from the site. Experienced machine operators will carefully excavate the design discussed, as we have a strong emphasis on safety, we will barcode our work areas to ensure no little explorers will wonder in the way of roaming machines

Once all machine works have been concluded, the hole will be gated using temporary pool fencing helping prevent any injury or falling. Temporary fencing will remain on site until permanent fencing has been arranged, following the landscaping of the pool surrounds.

The pool site will then be formed up and use of reinforcement steel will create the structural backbone your pool. Placement of skimmer boxes, pool plumbing and lighting cables are all installed. Now, taking shape, your design is coming to life. Our shot concreters will then cover the shape of the pool with concrete.

During our initial consultation, you will have picked a coping product that will be used around your pool. Once the pool has cured, we will attach/lay your chosen product to the pool bond beam. For more information on coping, please refer to our design phase page.

What happens once the pool construction is complete?

At this stage, discussions with a landscaper in regards to pool landscaping should have already been discussed. As mentioned earlier, pool fencing, a requirement by state and federal government, reduces accidental drownings. Our brother company, Built Landscape Constructions Gold Coast, can assist you in all external design and surrounds requirements. With the surrounds finalised and pool fencing installed, we are ready for your internal pool coverings, Pebblecrete, tiling or a mixture of both. What have you decided? For more information on Pebblecrete and tiling, please refer to our design phase page.

When estimating the timeline of construction we take into consideration things like:

  • Rainfall interruption
  • Turn around on council approval
  • Your unique design requests

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